Employment Benefits:


Medical Insurance:
$15 for a single employee/$205 for a whole family* (monthly)

Dental Insurance
Provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield

Vision Insurance
Discounted vision care provided by both the state of Alabama's Routine Vision Care Provider Network and the Laser Vision Correction Network.

Flexible Employee Benefits Plan (Flex)
You can set aside pre-tax money via payroll deductions to pay for health care and dependent care expenses not covered by your benefit plan.  >> View the Flex Handbook >>

For detailed information about the State Employees' Health Insurance Plan (SEHIP) check out:
State Employees' Insurance Board website or view the SEHIP handbook


For detailed information about the Employees' Retirement System (ERS) check out:
The Retirement Systems of Alabama

Time Off

13 paid days for the first 5 years (at each 5 year increment an additional 3 days is accrued)
Annual leave is accrued at 4 hours and 20 minutes per pay period- the rate of accrual is increased at every five years of service

13 paid holidays

Sick Leave
13 paid days- accrued at 4 hours and 20 minutes per pay period


Longevity Pay
A lump sum payment for longevity if the employee has accumulated at least five years total eligible service time and is in an active pay status as of December 1 of the current calendar year. For detailed information about Longevity Pay check out:
The Alabama Department of Finance Comptroller's Office Fiscal Policy and Procedures Manual

Professional Liability
Professional liability coverage is provided to staff members

Educational Leave
Opportunity to attend continuing education seminars, conferences, etc.

Credit Union
Payroll deductions for savings and loans through the State's credit union

Death Benefit
At the completion of one year of service, the death benefit includes an amount equal to the member's salary for the prior fiscal year- provided through the retirement system

*This includes Non-Tobacco Usage Discount ($50.00)
A tobacco user's premium will automatically be applied to each BCBS Basic Medical or SEIB contract, unless a non-tobacco user's affidavit is completed and received by the SEIB office.

and Wellness Discount ($25.00)
All active employees are eligible that have submitted baseline readings for the following health risk factors: Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose, and Body Mass Index. Baseline readings can be gathered at Wellness Screenings offered for free by the state or a Provider Screening Form may be submitted from your physician.