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Watch/read as consumers tell stories of how the ADMH has helped lift their life's possibilities. Transcriptions are provided for now, however closed captioning is coming soon! Want to share your story? Please contact the Office of Planning & Resource Development.

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Jolene Jolene's Story: When I was at work seven years ago, I started experiencing depression and hearing different voices in my head. I didn’t know what was going on. After a while of trying to deal with the feelings and the voices, I eventually overdosed – I just wanted it...
read as Jolene tells her story>
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Larry Larry's Story: I’d like to share a little bit of my story with you. I began using drugs and alcohol at a very early age. I was really in situations where I felt the need to fit in. This progressed over the years, also into criminal activity. I was in and out of detention homes, youth centers, ended up in prison. I went to prison three different times. In 1982 I was sentenced to life without parole...
watch as Larry tells his story>
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Sam Sam's Story: I started drinking alcohol when I was around fifteen. My drinking progressed like most other alcoholics, pretty dramatically in a short period of time. I began noticing that I’d start drinking and couldn’t stop. I continued drinking throughout high school. Once I graduated, I not only graduated from high school, but from alcohol to other drugs and experimenting with different...
watch as Sam tells his story>
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Tom Tom's Story: In April of 2006 I came to a juncture in my life, where I couldn’t live without drugs and I couldn’t live with drugs any longer. I’m forty-nine years old and I had progressed from twelve years old (the first time) experimenting with marijuana, to opiates and alcohol, and into a full blown crack addict. And I was addicted to various other drugs through the course...
watch as Tom tells his story>
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Allison Allison's Story: When I was a sophomore at Auburn University, I started experiencing unbelievable feelings of depression. I felt alone. I felt withdrawn. I felt that I could not explain this to anyone. After attempting suicide, my parents reached out for me, and got the help that I could not at the time get for myself. And after being released from the hospital and diagnosed as...
watch as Allison tells her story>
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Jerry Jerry's Story: I have a mental illness. The mental illness has taken a heavy toll on my life. I worked as a lawyer for many years, and also as an engineer. And because of my mental illness I am completely disabled and unable to do any work at all. This is very disheartening. But I have learned to live with this illness. I have learned to adapt to it. And that is the most important thing I...
watch as Jerry tells his story>
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Anthony Anthony's Story: In 1983, I was diagnosed with a nervous breakdown. I wrecked my car. My girlfriend left me. And I lost my job. There was too much of stress at one time for me to train or adapt to. But I have found out over the years... that mental illness can be diagnosed, it can be doctored on, and you can recover [from] it. Through medication and doctor's advice you can live...
watch as Anthony tells his story>
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Sara Sara's Story: I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar illness. I was sent to a psychiatrist and started therapy. And during that time, she taught me how to journal. And that has become one of my saving graces, and I continue to write. I’ve published a book, one of my dreams come true. I’ve been on several medications and we work together in finding the ones that are right for me. watch as Sara tells her story>
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Donetta Donetta's Story: In September 2001, I was in Washington, D.C. working for the Department of Defense. That didn’t work out too well for me. I had a lot of post traumatic stress from that event that happened on September 11th, 2001. I ended up having a nervous breakdown. I found myself in Bryce Hospital, state mental institution, where I stayed for 30 days. I...
watch as Donetta tells her story>
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