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Instructions for Accessing and Completing the On-Line Course
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  1. Click on the Link provided at the bottom of the Community Provider Orientation Page of the ADMH Website, OR type in the URL for the Department’s training website: (Suggestion: Save it to your favorites list.)

  2. Click [My Courses] button on left, and then click on the link on that page to Set up Your Free Account; fill in the information. (Remember to write down your password!)

  3. Click [ADMH Courses] from the blue bars across the middle of the page. Click on ADMH Provider Orientation Course. Click [Add to Cart].

  4. Type in the information for your payment method. Then click [Checkout].

  5. Fill in remaining address information (you will receive a receipt from Essential Learning.) Click [Proceed to Next Step].

  6. Check your order and click [Submit Order].

  7. Click [My Courses] again, and you should see your course listed. Click [Enter Course] to begin course #1.

  8. There are further instructions when you enter the course. If you are interrupted while viewing a course and would like to complete the course at another time, you may do so by simply going to the site, clicking on [My Courses], and logging in to see your courses again. Enter the course again. You will be given the option of starting over or beginning where you left off.
To contact the Central Office Staff Development by email:

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