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Jolene's Story

When I was at work seven years ago, I started experiencing depression and hearing different voices in my head. I didn't know what was going on. After a while of trying to deal with the feelings and the voices, I eventually overdosed ā€“ I just wanted it to all end.

I got help at a treatment center and was diagnosed with depression and schizoaffective disorder. I started taking medications and going to my local mental health center to see a psychiatrist. Things seemed to get a little better, but after a while I was in and out of hospitals. Ultimately I found out that I couldn't just rely on my medications ā€“ I had to put in some effort too.

I started going to Mental Health America in Montgomery, and it helped me being around others who had been through the same thing. I started visiting the drop-in center regularly and doing art and painting.

These days I take it one day at a time or a second at a time if I need to. I'm lucky because my parents have been behind me and supported me from day one. I go see my doctor every three months and my therapist once a month. I've come to understand that I have an illness, but Iā€™m much more than that. I want others to understand that recovery is possible.

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