Alabama Department of Mental Health

ADMH... a great place to work.

Alabama... a great place to live.

Thank you for your interest in the Alabama Department of Mental Health. Great strides have been made in upgrading the quality of services to Alabama citizens with mental health conditions. We are proud of our department and what it has to offer prospective employees. Competitive salaries, excellent fringe benefits, fair employment practices, and opportunities for continuing your career growth are just a few of the advantages of working in our system.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health is one of the largest state agencies, with over 1,800 employees. Career opportunities range from direct care and clinical positions to an array of professional positions necessary to support the department's mission which are not classified under the state merit system. These non merit, or exempt, positions were established to expedite the hiring process and, thereby, improve service delivery in the areas of mental illness, intellectual disability, and substance abuse. The positions provide applicants with numerous opportunities for professional growth while enjoying the benefits of state employment.

A list of vacancies for exempt positions in our central administrative office, regional community services offices and mental illness facilities throughout the state is available on the left.

With multiple facilities located throughout the state, the Alabama Department of Mental Health  potentially has positions available in a variety of geographical locations across the state. If you are inquiring from out of state and would like to learn more about living in Alabama, check out our Lifestyle section. You will find that the state has wonderful cities, communities, and geography along with recreational and educational opportunities. From the mountainous regions of northern Alabama to the sandy southern beaches of Mobile, we invite you to explore the benefits of working for our department and living in Alabama the Beautiful.

The Human Resources Management Office assists interested individuals in and through the application and placement process. If you have questions that are not answered in the application instructions feel free to contact the ADMH Human Resources Management Office at: 334-242-3112