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The Division of Developmental Disabilities provides a comprehensive array of services to individuals and their families in the state through contractual arrangements with community agencies, five regional community services offices and three comprehensive support services teams. The division’s central office staff provide oversight and support in planning, service coordination, service delivery, children’s services, fiscal operations, contracts, eligibility determination, monitoring quality enhancement of services, and the monitoring and certification of all community agencies that provide services to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The Office of Administrative and Fiscal Operations is responsible for providing fiscal and technical assistance to the division in matters such as budgeting, revenue projections, contracts and purchasing. Because of the complex regulations and need for accountability, the assistance provided by AFO is invaluable to individuals, family members and the department.

The Office of Psychological and Behavioral Services was established to provide education, training and professional support to community providers. Three regionally-based comprehensive support services teams provide medical and psychological care for individuals with special needs. PBS coordinates the implementation, training, and monitoring of behavioral and psychological services in the community agencies.

The Office of Quality and Planning is responsible for ensuring that optimally safe, efficient and effective care is provided by community agencies. QP certification teams require that program standards are maintained.

The Office of Self-Advocacy Services is directed by a consumer who is able to provide leadership and support in self-advocacy and self-determination initiatives statewide. SAS also encourages individuals to participate in civic activities and become contributing citizens in their communities.

The Office of Supported Employment plans and coordinates all initiatives that address expanding employment opportunities to consumers served through the division, including training and technical assistance. The office also writes and manages grants that fund employment pilot projects throughout the state, and takes the lead in expanding collaboration with other state agencies and organizations so individuals are more successful at obtaining and maintaining competitive employment.

The Office of Systems Management was established to oversee and promote the development and use of the Alabama Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services Information System within the division and community providers. ADIDIS provides more efficient tracking of billing, ensures compliance with contracts and standards, and provides valuable data for future planning. ADIDIS also provides technical assistance to support division action on a wide range of topics including the waiting list, outcomes measurement and supportive employment for consumers. In addition, ADIDIS manages the coordination of child and adolescent services.

The Office of Waiver Service and Case Management oversees the state Medicaid waiver programs that provide support services to persons with intellectual disabilities. The office also manages the call center, intake, information and referral services, and the supervision of five regional community services offices that develop and coordinate services and supports statewide.

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