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Division of Developmental Disabilities
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Interim Associate Commissioner

The department’s Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services ID is now named the Division of Developmental Disabilities DD. Individuals with an ID and their families will continue to access services as before. The only change we have made to date is our name. Intellectual disabilities services and supports may range from information and referral, to case management or hourly services, to maximum supports that provide 24-hour care.

DD provides a comprehensive array of services and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families in the state through contractual arrangements with community agencies, five regional community services offices, and three comprehensive support service teams that assist with behavioral, medical, psychiatric and dental services and supports. The DD Central Office Staff provides oversight and support in planning, service coordination, service delivery, fiscal operations, contracts, eligibility, monitoring/quality enhancement of services, and the monitoring and certification of all community agencies that provide services to individuals with intellectual disabilities. A DD Coordinating Subcommittee, comprised of consumers, families, service providers and other leaders in the field, assists the division in setting and prioritizing service goals based upon needs of individuals and budgetary considerations.

Division Information:
Intellectual Disabilities Service Providers
Provider Name Change Process
Regional Community Service Offices
Waiting List: Process For Enrollment brochure
Self-Directed Service Option brochure
Comprehensive Support Services
310 Boards Strategic Plans
Coordinating Subcommittee Meeting Summaries
ADMH Continuing Education Website for Mental Health Providers and Professionals
AL DD Services in 2016 - What We’ve Done and Where We’re Going 10/06/15
DD Subcommittee Strategic Planning - New Horizons for Challenging Times 12/04/12
DD Community Service Provider Application Fee 10/01/11
Alabama Behavior Analyst Licensing Board Appointed Members 01/05/15

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