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The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Division (MHSAS) has updated and streamlined the Substance Abuse Adult and Adolescent Placement Assessments.

Below you will find ADMH approved substance use disorder screening, assessment, and placement forms and supporting documents:

The macros on the placement assessments are disabled. The content must be enabled. Once the content has been enabled, assessors will be able to rank order the substances in the substance use grid. For ASAIS users, once the substances have been rank ordered, the information that should be entered in ASAIS will feed to the ASAIS Data tab and the Profile Discharge tab. The substances must be rank ordered for the information to feed in the correct order of primary, secondary and tertiary substances. For informational purposes only, two additional tabs have been added: one for ICD 10 codes and one for SA Program Type/Detail.

The MHSAS White Paper outlines the reasons, benefits for this change and how the new tools were developed. The Adult/Adolescent Placement Assessment tools were updated at the request of the providers. Additional training for the use of the updated tool is not necessary for implementation.

The Adult/Adolescent Optional Guides for Service Planning were developed to assist clinicians in the service planning process and reflects the information removed from the placement assessment.

MHSAS will require ALL MHSAS Substance Abuse Providers begin using the updated version no later than May 1, 2016. Please reference the Alabama Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services Administrative Code, chapter 580-9-44.13- (7) (a) 1. (i) through (ii) for information regarding the use of the ADMH authorized placement assessment.

We hope the implementation of a more concise placement assessment will result in clients accessing care in a more time sensitive manner.

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