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Becoming a Community Service Provider
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a community service provider. The Alabama Department of Mental Health certifies a broad network of services that enable persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and/or substance abuse disorders to reside in Alabama communities. Any community program that provides services to people living with mental illness, developmental/intellectual disabilities, and/or substance abuse disorders must be certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

There is a required two phase orientation that will give you an informational overview of the certification process. Keep in mind that this orientation:

  • Does not guarantee your program will be certified
  • Does not mean that your program will receive a contract, funding, or service referrals from the Alabama Department of Mental Health

Prospective Community Provider – Certification Orientation
(Phase 1 – online course)

Phase 1 of the prospective community provider - certification orientation is an online course available at:
The cost of the Prospective Community Provider – Certification Orientation (Phase 1) is $10. Once you have completed this online course, print the certificate of completion to include with your registration packet for Phase 2. Information about Phase 2 registration is below.

Prospective Community Provider – Certification Orientation
(Phase 2 – Live Event)

Phase 2 of the certification orientation is a live event conducted twice a year in Montgomery, Alabama. It is a requirement to attend this orientation in order to apply for certification. This phase of the orientation will provide more detail on the minimum requirements for becoming a certified program and allow you to ask questions about the certification process. The cost for registration to this phase of the orientation is $75. Directions, times, and frequently asked questions are included in the registration packet.

There will not be a Prospective Community Provider Orientation (Phase 2 Live Event) for the month of February 2017. The next Prospective Community Provider Orientation will be August 2017 but at this time a date hasn’t been set. When a date is set it will be announced here. Registration will open up in May 2017.
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