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The Legacy of Charley Pell

The Legacy of Charley Pell is a 17 minute documentary on the life of Coach Pell, his struggle with depression and his recovery from a mental illness. You may view or download the presentation by clicking on the links below. If you would like a free copy on DVD, please call the Office of Planning & Resource Development at 334-242-3417.

Coach Charley Pell led teams from three different universities to conference and/or national championships. He was selected Coach of the Year numerous times, yet after his coaching career ended he began to experience symptoms of depression that had been masked since his teens by the fervor and excitement of athletic life. This depression became so severe that he meticulously planned his suicide for over a year. Fortunately, he failed in his attempt and in his recovery became a spokesperson for persons with a mental illness. His wife Ward Pell narrates the dramatic story which includes footage of interviews by Stone Phillips of Dateline NBC and Oprah Winfrey of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Essentially, the film teaches that mental illness is not a sign of weakness…but a biological brain disease that is treatable and manageable. It is an illness that has a greater success rate of recovery than all other major illness combined.

It is most relevant for high school, college students and adult audiences.

Media Length: 17 min, 14 secs Download View in external player
34.4 MB .wmv file
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