My name is Kendall. I have autism and communicate nonverbally. I have a few words, and can use an iPad device to talk, but I do not use them unless prompted. Most of my functional communication is done by gesture and noise making. Most of my emotional communication comes from my art. I become upset when things about my schedule change or when people don’t understand what I am trying to say and I sometimes try to hit my head on things to vent my frustration. Because of this, I can’t live with my parents, though they love me and visit me often. I am currently transitioning to the adult program and preparing for the challenges of adulthood outside of the school environment, which for me can be quite difficult. My art is a big part of this.

My drawings have become a way for me to show my feelings. Since I struggle to express myself, this has become a way for my teachers and caregivers to understand how I feel. My girls represent something I find beautiful, but they also represent me and allow me to speak to the world.

Faces in the Crowd


59 – Faces in the Crowd
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