For many years I lived at home with my family and then I lived for a period of time in a group home. I was diagnosed with DS at an early age, but always dreamed of living in my own house. Over ten years ago this dream came true for me when I was able to move into an apartment and live independently. I enjoy having my own space and having my family and friends over to visit.I attend the ARC of Clarke County and participate in a group called the Crafty Gals. We make many craft items and sell them at different events including the Disability Conference each year. It is fun learning how to make new items and going different places to sell them. Occasionally, we have a local artist to come to our group and teach us how to do different kinds of painting techniques. It makes me proud seeing my art hanging in my own home, knowing that I created.

Enchanted Wood

68 – Enchanted Wood
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