I was self-taught to do art. I used watercolors, pastels, and crayons in my art. I started as a young child. The colors made me excited. My title shows my interest. I watch programs on Africa, Mars, and Egypt. Africa is the black mark X. The two ladybugs are a symbol of Egypt and for continuing survival. The background is Mars. When I watch TV and I see Martin Luther King, black history, Martin Lawrance, it reminds me that I am African American and Egyptian. My art helps me believe in myself. I pick my head up and keep going. I have schizophrenia- my art helps me from relapsing. It helps me feel good and that I am growing in my recovery. It also helps me not to use drugs. It helps me have an open mind so when I am with my children, I feel I can communicate.

Black Knight Warrior

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Black Knight Warrior
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