Over the years, just the thought of my father's choices made me feel as if I couldn't breathe, leaving me with the sensation that I am slowly drowning. Though years have passed, and I find my days more manageable, I still struggle with that overwhelming sense of suffocation from time to time. This feeling led me to focus on art in many mediums. I am a self-taught artist with a strong passion for making a change in handling mental health.

My father's decision to take his own life immediately changed my life forever. It has left me in a constant emotional war that I have battled with for the last 35 years. Even though I use my art as an outlet, it leaves me with personal anxieties, phobias, and mental health issues that I deal with daily. I sometimes fear that I will fight with this for the rest of my days. Unfortunately, my father's actions affected me and those closest to me, along with everyone within six degrees of separation of each of us.

I hope with my photography, I can help End the Stigma

Monarch Memory

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Monarch Memory
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