The Alabama Department of Mental Health plans to ask the state for 18 million dollars for new mental health resources during the Alabama 2020 Legislative Session.

The money would go toward the building of three new crisis centers across the state. Mental health care in public schools, including increasing access to counselors, is a priority for some lawmakers going into the 2020 legislative session.

Mental health professionals right here in the valley, say this could save lives and have a positive impact on the way we all address mental health issues.

Monretta Vega, a Counselor with Huntsville Psychotherapy and Counseling Services, tells us, “So with the crisis centers, the resources and this budget– it provides the opportunity for knowledge, treatment, care and support. I feel like now we’re going to open the door for people to get the appropriate, effective treatment that they need– rather than just dealing with it themselves.”

Gov. Kay Ivey is expected to outline her goals for improving mental health care in Alabama– during her “ State of the State” address on Feb. 4.

Emergency departments and law enforcement agencies would be able to transfer their mental health patients to the centers for crisis care.

Alabama Dept. of Mental Health asking for $18 million in 2020

Alabama Dept. of Mental Health asking for $18 million in 2020