The Office of Quality Improvement & Risk Management (QIRM) collects data related to patient care and outcomes from stakeholders and coordinates activities for performance improvement efforts across the facilities and certified community programs. QIRM measures indicators related to standards of care and consumer satisfaction in facilities and community programs to identify trends, problems, or opportunities for improvement.

QIRM assesses and improves compliance with all regulatory requirements, accreditation standards, licensure/certification requirements, MHSA patient care-related policies, oversight of facility response to sentinel events, and assistance with root cause analyses. QIRM develops and enforces risk management programs, incident management plans, works to enact policies and procedures to preserve the agency’s quality of services, reputation, and assets.

QIRM educates and trains staff regarding potential risk factors to mitigate risk; conducts investigations of complaints within the Division; reviews investigations of critical incidents; and responds to phone calls regarding consumer complaints and/or accusations of abuse or neglect.