What is Self-Direction?

  • A way to receive waiver services and supports where you are in control
  • Self-direction is based on the idea that people with disabilities know their needs best and should lead decision-making about things that affect their lives
  • You choose your own workers who support you
  • You decide when and how you will receive the services your workers provide

What are my responsibilities?

  • Deciding what services and supports in your Person-Centered Plan (PCP) you want to self-direct
  • Choosing who works for you
  • Managing your workers

Is self-direction right for me?

People decide to self-direct for a lot of different reasons, including:

  • Wanting more control over their services and staff
  • Wanting to purchase items with self-direction savings account option
  • Not feeling satisfied with their current services
  • Wanting to hire someone they know as a paid caregiver

More than 1 million Americans now self-direct their services. Your Support Coordinator will give you more information about self-direction through your waiver to help you decide whether it is the right option for you.