In 2021, leadership of ADMH recognized a need and opportunity to develop a new strategic plan to guide the Department. This strategic plan will:

  • Guide the overall direction of the Department and serve as a touchstone for decision-making for the next three years
  • Identify and build on strengths of the organization while also identifying potential challenges and opportunities
  • Identify and engage diverse stakeholders in a meaningful way

Five strategic priorities and goals, highlighted below, describe the overarching areas of focus for the Department over the next three years. Each priority and goal were thoughtfully developed with the achievement of mission and vision as the ultimate aim.

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System of Care & Partnerships: In coordination with our partners, provide integrated, prevention focused care so every Alabamian has access, without barriers, to services that meet their needs

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Peer & Family Engagement: Benefit from the input and involvement of individuals and families through meaningful engagement and collaboration

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Professional Workforce: Attract and retain a workforce that is highly qualified, diverse and stable

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Organizational Health: Promote a work environment that emphasizes teamwork and prioritizes wellness, innovation, and a connection to mission

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Knowledge & Awareness: Strengthen knowledge and increase awareness of ADMH so Alabamians have access to the resources and opportunities they need to be happier and healthier