The Bureau of Finance provides centralized accounting, financial reporting, vendor payments for goods and services, budgeting and analysis, employees payment, contracts and grants financial management and procurement. The bureau is composed of:

Accounting Operations

The Accounting Operations section is responsible for providing financial management services and support to include cash management, financial reporting, voucher processing, managing Risk Management insurance coverage as well as disbursing state and federal funds.
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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Section processes vendors and employee reimbursement requests in accordance with DMH, Comptroller's, State and Federal rules accurately, efficiently and timely.
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Budget Office

The Budget Office compiles and manages the annual Budget Request, formulates and manages the Operations Plan and Revisions as needed in accordance with all the applicable state and federal rules and procedures.

Compensation Services Office

The Compensation Services Office is responsible for the generation of employees and patients paychecks and deductions. Employees record of leave accrual and usage are also maintained.

Contracts & Grants

The Contracts & Grants section is responsible for financial and fiscal management of professional service contracts and provider service contracts to include reporting expenditures to applicable federal, state and local agencies for reimbursement purposes.
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Contracts & Purchasing

The Contracts & Purchasing section is responsible for the procurement of good, and services/contracts within the framework of state/federal statutes/laws and guidelines. Current Contracts & Vendor Opportunities

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