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1 – Celestial Angelart
10 – Healing Heart 56854art
100 – Follow the Lines, Catch Your Dreamsart
101 – Evil Eyeart
102 – The World of Happinessart
103 – High Dawnart
104 – A Swirl of Colorsart
105 – Number One Fanart
106 – Country Boyart
107 –art
108 –art
109 –art
11 – We’re All Mad Hereart
110 –art
12 – Classic Artart
13 – Untitledart
14 – Handsart
15 – Untitledart
16 – Untitledart
17 – Sparkling Dayart
18 – Precious Rainbowart
19 – Starsart
2 – The Blue Mistart
20 – Untitledart
21 – The Beauty of Lifeart
22 – Bubblyart
23 – Night to Shineart
24 – Different Strokes for Different Folksart
25 – Jesus is Alive and Wellart
26 – Dragonart
27 – Untitledart
28 – Untitledart
29 – Artifactsart
3 – The Beautiful Dayart
30 – Untitledart
31 – USAart
32 – The Big Oneart
33 – A Call For Helpart
34 – Rainbows in lifeart
35 – The Reflection of Lifeart
36 – Rainbow Unicornart
37 – Rainbowart
38 – My Garden of Flowersart
39 – Powerart
4 – Frostyart
40 – Flowersart
41 – Mountain Valleyart
42 – The Picture Boyart
42CFR and HIPAA Approved ReleaseSubstance Use Disorder
43 – Journey to Recoveryart
44 – Dancing like Michael Jacksonart
45 – A House to Live inart
46 – Heroart
47 – Rainbowart
48 – Sylvia Richey, Certified Peer Specialist Portraitart
49 – A Fruit Bowlart
5 – Wish You Were Hereart
50 – Bigart
51 – Owlart
52 – Old Model Tart
53 – Pimpart
54 – The Hebrew Children in the Fiery Furnaceart
55 – Eyesart
56 – Summer Bouquetart
57 – A Rainbow after the Dark Cloudsart
58 – Butterflyart
59 – Faces in the Crowdart
6 – Irisesart
60 – Head of a Seated Womanart
61 – Why Does it to be Peopleart
62 – Alex’s Dreamart
63 – Foxyart
64 – Breton Heroart
65 – Bouncing Ballart
66 – Two Crossesart
67 – Maku Pinched Cheeksart
68 – Enchanted Woodart
69 – Cute as a Buttonart
7 – Paradiseart
70 – Spring Flowersart
71 – Abstractart
72 – Spring Breezeart
73 – Fire & Iceart
74 -Piggy Splashart
75 – Football Goal Postsart
76 – Iris Flower with Busy Little Beeart
77 – Red Aart
78 – What Box is What?art
79 – Family Grill Outart
8 – First Avenue Sceneart
80 – Flying Heart Roseart
81 – Country Tableart
82 – Yellow Cowart
83 – Butterflyart
84 – Alabama Fishart
85 – Mitski Two Slow Dancersart
86 – Heavenly Roomsart
87 – Desperate Gummy Bearsart
88 – The Owlart
89 – Vase, Life, Breathart
9 – Untitledart
90 – Pitcherart
91 – True Colorsart
92 – Zoo Animalsart
93 – Yesart
94 – Children of the Seaart
95 – The Heartart
96 – Fairyart
97 – Inspiringart
98 – Happiness is a Choiceart
99 – Beautiful Sunsetart
ABALB Application for Licensure and InstructionsBehavior Analyst Licensing
ABALB Member Application and InstructionsBehavior Analyst Licensing
Acute PainNurse Delegation Program
ADMH Audit GuidelinesFinance
ADMH Early Childhood ProgramsBrochure
Adolescent Placement Assessment and Optional Guide PlanningSubstance Use Disorder
Adult Placement Assessment and Optional Guide PlanningSubstance Use Disorder
Alabama Institute for RecoveryMental Illness
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Background Check Form and InformationBehavior Analyst Licensing
Alabama Opioid Overdose and Addiction Council Report February 2018Prevention, Substance Use Disorder
Alabama Project LAUNCHBrochure
Alabama Statewide Peer Support ConferenceSubstance Use Disorder
Alteration in Bowel Elimination/ConstipationNurse Delegation Program
Alteration in Bowel Elimination/DiarrheaNurse Delegation Program
Announcement 206 18-13Human Resource Management
Annual Prevention Plan Monitoring FormPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Application for EmploymentAdministration, Human Resource Management
Apply for Services Wait ListBrochure, Developmental Disabilities
Autism Client ApplicationUncategorized
Autism Provider ApplicationsUncategorized
Autism Services FlyersUncategorized
Behavioral Services GuidelinesDevelopmental Disabilities
Blank Plan of CareNurse Delegation Program
Capitol Showcase 2019Capitol Showcase
Case Manager Progress Notes WebinarDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Certification ApplicationAdministration, Certification
Certification Frequently Asked QuestionsCertification, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorder
Certification Requirements WebinarDevelopmental Disabilities
Certification Score SheetNurse Delegation Program
Certification Site Review Performance FeedbackDevelopmental Disabilities
Certification Site Review Satisfaction SurveySubstance Use Disorder
Certified Peer Specialist Training ApplicationMental Illness
Certified Recovery Support Specialist Training ApplicationSubstance Use Disorder
Change of Shift Controlled Substance Count SheetNurse Delegation Program
Client Self-Administration Assessment FormNurse Delegation Program
Comprehensive Mortality ReviewDevelopmental Disabilities
Controlled Substance Sign Out SheetNurse Delegation Program
COVID-19 Information By and For People with DisabilitiesDevelopmental Disabilities
Cradle to Prison PipelineBrochure
DD Provider Certification Process Guidance ManualCertification, Developmental Disabilities
Deaf People and Mental IllnessDeaf Services, Paper
Decrease Cardiac Output/Increased Vascular Resistance (Hypertension)Nurse Delegation Program
Delegation FormNurse Delegation Program
Dissatisfaction of Services and InstructionsDevelopmental Disabilities
Disturbed Thought ProcessNurse Delegation Program
Do You Know Your Rights?Brochure
Electronic Data Interchange RegistrationMental Illness
Fatal FiveDevelopmental Disabilities, Training
Federal Medicaid HCBS Settings Rule TrainingDevelopmental Disabilities, Training
Freedom of ChoiceDevelopmental Disabilities
HCBS Residential Setting Self-AssessmentsDevelopmental Disabilities
HCBS Residential Setting Validation ToolsDevelopmental Disabilities
Health Care Practitioner Visit FormNurse Delegation Program
Health Hazard/Risk for FallsNurse Delegation Program
Home & Community Based Services Settings RulesDevelopmental Disabilities, Paper
Imbalanced Nutrition/Less than Body Requirements (Underweight)Nurse Delegation Program
Imbalanced Nutrition/More than Body Requirements (Overweight)Nurse Delegation Program
Impaired Urinary Elimination/ IncontinenceNurse Delegation Program
Individual Experience Assessment SurveyDevelopmental Disabilities
Individual/Family HistoryDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Individual/Family ProfileDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Individual/Family-Centered Assessment and Case Management Plan for Adults and ChildrenDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Individualized Residential Budgeting Instrument and InstructionsDevelopmental Disabilities
Ineffective Mood Regulation/BipolarNurse Delegation Program
Intellectual Disabilities Waiver Services CatalogueDevelopmental Disabilities
Intervention Work PlansPrevention
Land Inquiries FormAdministration
Level 2 or Level 3 Medication Error Form and InstructionsNurse Delegation Program
Licensure Verification FormBehavior Analyst Licensing
ListenMental Illness
MAC Annual Supervision FormNurse Delegation Program
MAC Worker Call Log and InstructionsNurse Delegation Program
MAC Worker Decertification FormNurse Delegation Program
MAC Worker Skills Verification Check ListNurse Delegation Program
MAC Worker Training LogNurse Delegation Program
MAS Nurse Call LogNurse Delegation Program
MAS Nurse Training LogNurse Delegation Program
MATT Training LogNurse Delegation Program
Medicaid Performing Provider ApplicationSubstance Use Disorder
Medication Administration Training AuditNurse Delegation Program
Medication Destruction RecordNurse Delegation Program
Mental Health Block GrantGrant, Mental Illness
NoncomplianceNurse Delegation Program
Notification of Right to Free Language AssistanceDeaf Services, Mental Illness
Observation of Direct Prevention Staff FormPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Off-Site Custody of MedicationsNurse Delegation Program
Peer Support Services brochureBrochure
Performance Improvement and Program Evaluation FormPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Performance Improvement Feedback SurveyPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Person First Language for Reducing StigmaBrochure, Substance Use Disorder
Person-Centered Planning TrainingDevelopmental Disabilities, Training
Plan of Care and InstructionsDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Prevention Activity Sheet and InstructionsPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Prevention Budget Request TemplatePrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Prevention Plan TemplatePrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Proof of Supervision FormBehavior Analyst Licensing
Quality Enhancement Training Evaluation FormDevelopmental Disabilities, Training
Regional Office Request for ActionDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Request for ActionDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination, Training
Request for Name or Contact Information ChangeBehavior Analyst Licensing
Request for Prevention Plan Amendment and GuidelinesPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Revised Criticality Summary WebinarDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Risk for Impaired Skin IntegrityNurse Delegation Program
Risk for Unstable Blood Glucose Level (Hyper/Hypoglycemia)Nurse Delegation Program
RN AssessmentNurse Delegation Program
SeizuresNurse Delegation Program
SME, SMS, and EAA ApplicationDevelopmental Disabilities
SPAB/AEOW Quarterly MinutesPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
Specialized Medical Supplies ProceduresDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Substance Abuse Contract Billing ManualSubstance Use Disorder
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant PlanGrant, Prevention, Substance Use Disorder
Substance Dependence/AbuseNurse Delegation Program
Suggestions That May Help You To Get Over AnxiousnessHealth & Fitness::Medicine
Summary Program of Habilitation Form and InstructionsDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
SUN-R Service Utilization Needs Assessment-RevisedDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
SYNAR ReportsPrevention, Substance Use Disorder
The AdvocatorDevelopmental Disabilities
THSMF Family TimesMental Illness
Waiver Service DefinitionsDevelopmental Disabilities, Support Coordination
Waivers for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities TrainingDevelopmental Disabilities, Training
Words Matter_How Language Choice Affects StigmaBrochure, Substance Use Disorder