Community Waiver Program

In early 2021, the new Community Waiver Program (CWP) will be launched in Baldwin, Elmore, Geneva, Houston, Jefferson, Limestone, Madison, Mobile, Montgomery, Morgan, Tuscaloosa, and Walker counties. It will focus on serving individuals before they and/or their families are in crisis. Service providers in this new program will focus on important goals of Home and Community-Based Services programs such as community integration, opportunities for employment, and developing skills for independence.


The new waiver program will be targeted to serve persons with intellectual disabilities not currently receiving services through a current Home and Community-Based Services waiver, including the persons currently on the waiting list for the existing Intellectual Disabilities or Living at Home waivers.


After November 1, 2020, Regional Community Services Offices throughout the state may contact individuals about this process and availability of the new waiver in your area.


The new waiver program will offer services to persons with intellectual disabilities in four enrollment groups, based on age and relative independence, each with a set of services designed particularly to serve them:


  1. Children (ages 3-13) with intellectual disabilities who live with family or other natural supports
  2. Transition-age youth with intellectual disabilities who (ages 14-22) live with family or other natural supports or who (ages 18-22) live independently
  3. Working-age or older adults (ages 23+) with intellectual disabilities who live with family or other natural supports or who live independently
  4. Persons (ages 3+) with intellectual disabilities who are unable to live with family or other natural supports or to live independently
  5. The fifth enrollment group will be for adults who have an intellectual disability, who don’t yet qualify for the existing ID and LAH waivers but need home and community-based services. Individuals with ID, ages 22 and older, who have a minimum of one substantial functional limitation


When the CWP launches, anyone on the current waiting list, residing in the 12 counties where it is available, may choose to receive services via the new waiver.

James (Kevin) LaPorte, Interim Director


Harrison B. Black, Network Provider Manager