The Office of Psychological & Behavioral Services was established to provide education, training and professional support to community providers. Three regionally-based comprehensive support services teams provide medical and psychological care for individuals with special needs. PBS coordinates the implementation, training, and monitoring of behavioral and psychological services in the community agencies.

Comprehensive Support Services Teams

  1. Three (3) Comprehensive Support Services teams are available to assess the need for and assist with providing an array of supports to individuals who require specialized services. Additionally, these teams will assist providers with developing internal capacity related to these and other specialty areas.
  2.  The three Comprehensive Support Services teams are located in Decatur, Wetumpka, and Mobile, and have offices located along with the Regional Community Services offices in each DD service region. The division of responsibilities for state-wide coverage is as follows:
    • Decatur team - provides services for Regions I and upper part of Region II;
    • Wetumpka team - provides services for Regions IV and V; and
    • Mobile team - provides services for Region III and lower part of Region II.
  3. Individuals Served: Individuals who meet the DSM-V-TR definition of having an intellectual disability and present issues which require diagnostic or treatment consultation are eligible for these services.
  4. Services Provided: Specialized services, consultations, evaluations, and training services are provided in a manner that is designed to increase the capacity and expertise of organizations serving the individual, as well as to assist the individual, family, and/or provider agency. Services include:
    • Behavioral Support Services
    • Psychiatric Consultation Services
    • Medical Consultation Services
    • Dental Services
    • Training
  5. Accessing Services: In order to access Comprehensive Support Services, provider agencies and/or families should contact their Regional Community Services Office. The directors of these offices have established procedures for processing and prioritizing referrals.

Dr. Eliza Belle, Director

North Alabama

Fax: 256-355-1086

HTC II: Lynn Pottraz
Psychological Assistant: Warren Freeman, 256-552-3727
Physician: Dr. Moses Awoniyi
Psychiatrist: Dr. Manjula Swamy
Tele-Psychiatrist: Dr. Daniel Mejer

Supports for Regions I and upper part of Region II Services

Central Alabama

Fax: 334-514-3580

Psychological Associate: Shirah Arnold, 334-514-4284
HTC II: Mentholyn Wright–Jackson, 334-514-4277
Psychological Assistant: Stacey Lowman, 334-514-4271
Psychological Assistant: Chaundreka Osborne, 334-514-4269
Physician: Dr. Mark Hayden
Psychiatrist: Dr. Daniel Mejer
Dentist: Dr. Harrison Long

Supports for Regions IV and V Services
(Headquarters/Host for Telepsychiatry)

South Alabama

Psychologist/Team Leader: David Ziskind, Ph.D., BCBA
Phone: 251-450-3786
Fax: 251-450-3794

Psychological Associate: John Williams, 251-450-3780
Psychological Assistant: Bradley Lamey, 251-450-3784
Psychiatrist: Dr. Todd Luellen
Tele-Psychiatrist: Dr. Daniel Mejer

Supports for Region III and lower part of Region II Services