I have been touched by the resilient, inspiring community of the members and others involved with the SOMI Club. I have decided to enter a drawing in solidarity with the members who have participated this year. I was first diagnosed with depression when I was 17 years old, and then I had anxiety and debilitating panic attacks in my adulthood. Although I experienced many losses during the pandemic, including losing my father, I have not had a panic attack in two years. I am grateful for any program, organization, or event dedicated to ending the stigma around mental illness. I believe society misses out on many innovations and solutions when anyone’s value or contributions are minimized, based on any stigma or prejudice. I have not done any art projects recently, but when I was younger, I enjoyed drawing, painting, and working with oil pastels. I learned these skills in some of the classes I took in junior high and from my father. My father was very artistic, and I shared a connection with him when creating art. “Imaginary City” is a birds-eye view drawing of mine from 1989.

Imaginary City

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Imaginary City
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