The deadline to submit a proposal is June 28, 2019

Montgomery Ala. The Stepping Up Initiative is a national program with the goal to reduce the numbers of individuals in jails with mental illness. To date, 491 counties nationwide have passed resolutions on the Stepping Up Initiative. Currently fifteen counties in Alabama have passed the Stepping Up resolution to work with local law enforcement, mental health providers and advocates.

Now, Stepping Up Alabama is expanding further across our state, working together to make a difference in our communities. The program establishes effective partnerships with law enforcement, local governmental entities, elected officials, mental health and healthcare providers, social service providers, courts and any others needed to meet the goal. At this time, six community mental health centers are facilitating the program with success across the state.

“The Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) is proud to offer a second grant opportunity to community mental health centers, so they may serve individuals in an innovative yet essential approach. Delivering coordinated services to decrease the number of persons with mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders in jails or emergency rooms is a vital need in every county in our state. This grant opportunity can assist local mental health centers to fill in the gap and become a connection for those in need,” said Commissioner Lynn Beshear.

Through a Request for Proposal available now on the department website, the ADMH is offering the grant to community mental health centers. The requirements and deadlines for the grant proposal can be found here.

Stepping Up Initiative Grant Opportunity