My name is Lauren and I have schizophrenia. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia six years ago. One of my main obstacles with this diagnosis was hearing voices in my head. I began using art as a coping mechanism about two years ago and I feel that my talents can guide others who need help with their own journey. Art has influenced me by giving me peace of mind, and acts like a guide for me to follow. I try to seek God when I am facing any obstacle. He is my main focus with my art therapy and the art helps me focus on my religious beliefs. Sometimes, I feel that God speaks to me through my artwork. For example, in this piece, I painted a picture of a stain glass in a Church that reflects what I want in my future. In the future, my goal is to obtain a degree in Biblical Studies and carry on this journey that I began five years ago. Things like art help me cope with other obstacles such as maintaining my sobriety. I began using drugs at the age of 15, and continued until I was 20 years old. As part of the recovery process, art has provided me with an effective relaxation technique and it also has given me something to look forward to, which keeps me moving forward into the future.

The Reflection of Life

35 – The Reflection of Life
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