Montgomery, Ala. – To extend the missions of the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Public Health of ending stigma in Alabama, a new resource is now offered as part of the ongoing Stop Judging, Start Healing campaign. The addition of an extensive informational PowerPoint to the website brings awareness and exposure to ending the stigmas of opioid use disorder (OUD), HIV, viral Hepatitis, substance use disorder (SUD) or mental illness (MI). The PowerPoint is also designed to give supporting information to enhance the healing process for the people experiencing stigma, as well as to the people who support them.

As described in the PowerPoint, the anti-stigma campaign Stop Judging, Start Healing was created to educate and bring awareness to create a state of mind where people with opioid use disorder, HIV, viral Hepatitis, substance use disorder or mental illness are valued and treated with dignity and where stigma, accompanying attitudes, discrimination, and other barriers to treatment and recovery are eliminated.  

In a state of growth and understanding, it is vital that we highlight what stigma is, why it delays the healing process, and how it affects our loved ones. Once this understanding happens, we can truly create and sustain a safe environment for treatment and recovery.

In the Language Matters section of the PowerPoint, we list the quote “Words are important. If you want to care for something you call it a ‘flower’; if you want to kill something, you call it a weed’.” -Don Coyhis. Join us in the fight to understand stigma, utilize helpful language, and make a difference in the lives of the people around us. Join us in ending stigma in Alabama now.

The PowerPoint may be download here. Please share and utilize the information for the purposes of education. If you have any questions or for more information on the Stop Judging, Start Healing campaign and the programs that support this work, please visit, email or call 334-242-3417.


New Resource to Stop Stigma: Stop Judging, Start Healing