The first obstacle in my life was being hit by a car at the age of 13. Followed by me being bullied on in school in New York, luckily when I moved to Alabama, I didn’t have to deal with that issue. Sometime I often reflect on what life could’ve been living upstate, but knowing that if I had stayed I would be dead, no doubt. I’ve had many ups and downs but I always landed on my feet. God has always there for me. In dealing with my illness, I have struggled with symptoms since being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I have overcomes these obstacles by using coping skills, taking my medications, and attending day treatment. I taught myself how to draw and expressing myself through art has become a way for me to occupy my time. I also love to look at artwork, it makes me feel calm, peaceful and I can see God’s work in it.


31 – USA
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