My name is Devyn and I communicate nonverbally. I have an iPad talking device, but I won’t use it without prompting. I came to live in the Glenwood residential program when my parents began to have difficulty managing my behavior. Because I struggle with expression, I hit my head on things when I become frustrated, upset, or when I want something I am not getting. I have learned a lot about how to complete tasks, eating different foods, and communication. Right now I am in the transition program preparing for life as an adult with special needs. I face a lot of challenges as I become an adult and require a lot of special care and understanding from my caregivers. One way I have learned to express my emotions is through my art. I love using crayons and paper to create my art. The colors I use depend on my mood. Some days I will use all blacks or browns. On other days I use all one color, such as green. One thing about my art is, it’s never completely finished. I enjoy the feeling of completion from filling in all the white areas of a paper, and of using the last tiny scrap of crayon until I can no longer hold it with my fingertip. My art keeps me calm and gives me a way to give something back to the people around me.


58 – Butterfly
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