Montgomery, Ala. – This holiday season, the Alabama Department of Mental Health, and our partners across the state would like to share a message of hope if you or someone you love is experiencing feelings of despair or grief or is in a suicidal crisis. It can be hard for many during this time. The holidays may be stressful and overwhelming, but there are resources available online and by dialing 988, which is available 24/7, with a trained crisis counselor on the other end of the line.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 49,449 individuals died by suicide in the year 2022. This was the highest number ever recorded in the United State. We must continue to connect, communicate, and work together to decrease suicide and increase mental health wellness for ourselves and our loved ones. Reaching out, talking to peers, family, or a mental health professional can help ease some depression, stress and anxiety that come with the holiday season, or any day of the year.

While you or someone you know may be feeling lonely, afraid, anxious, lost, or overwhelmed, you are not alone. While these emotions can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, they are normal, and there is no shame in feeling this way.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health encourages the continuance of the “No Shame” Suicide Prevention campaign, which strives to decrease the stigma associated with suicide and mental illness and promotes the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. 988 is for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis, substance use, or thoughts of suicide. A qualified and trained crisis counselor is ready to assist you. It is private and is accessible 24/7. In a crisis, dial 988.

For more information about crisis care in Alabama, visit https://mh.alabama.gov/crisis-centers/ and for mental health providers in your area, visit https://mh.alabama.gov/providers-search/.  Learn more about Suicide Prevention partners in Alabama at https://sprc.org/state/alabama/ and https://afsp.org/chapter/alabama.

For information on 988 and the campaign to share this vital information across Alabama, call the ADMH Office of Public Information, publicinformation.dmh@mh.alabama.gov or 334-242-3417.


988: Suicide Awareness and Support at the Holidays