About Us

The Regional Autism Network (RAN) serves those who have questions, concerns, or resource needs regarding themselves, a family member, friend, client, patient, or student with diagnosed or suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Each RAN site is staffed by experts in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder who strive to connect people with ASD, their families, educators, and service providers to the information and/or services that best meet their needs. Services include:

  • Professional Training Programs
  • Technical assistance and consultation services
  • Individual and direct family assistance in the home, community, and school
  • Public education programs

Training Opportunities

For Educators:
The RAN partners with the Regional In-Service Centers through the Alabama Department of Education to provide trainings for educators serving students with ASD.

Registration for the Summer 2024 Autism Series is available here:


The Summer 2023 Series is available here:

The Summer 2022 Series is available here:



Region 1: University of Alabama in Huntsville
256-824-5700 | uahran@uah.edu

Region 2: University of Alabama
205-348-3131 | ua-ran@ua.edu

Region 3: University of South Alabama
251-410-4533 | usaran@health.southalabama.edu

Region 4: Auburn University
334-844-2004 | auran@auburn.edu

Region 5: University of Alabama at Birmingham
205-934-1112 | uabran@uab.edu