The Commissioner’s Offices support the department-at-large with legal, legislative, investigative issues, as well as, protect the rights of the people we serve and promote mental health in our state.

The Chief of Staff supports the commissioner in managing and monitoring several key areas of the department regarding major policies or issues facing the department. Often engaged in special assignments, the chief of staff serves as one of the main advisors to the commissioner. The chief of staff supervises the activities of the following areas: Special Investigations, Rights Protection and Advocacy, and Internal Audit.

The Bureau of Legal Services represents the department in various lawsuits, plans legal strategies and protects the department’s interests in its efforts to provide mental illness, intellectual disability and substance abuse services. Staff in the office are available to advise departmental employees on situations with legal implications, answer questions and develop appropriate responses to questions posed by the public, the news media and others.

The Office of Legislative & Constituent Affairs is responsible for serving as the legislative liaison for department and is responsible for developing and/or negotiating proposed legislation under the direction and approval of the commissioner. This office is responsible for ensuring the passage of the department’s annual legislative agenda and informs legislators about ADMH programs and services.

The Office of Public Information strives to create awareness and educate the public about the department’s mission and initiatives, as well as other mental health related issues through printed materials, the web and audio/visual presentations. Public Information develops public education media campaigns (much the same as an ad agency) designed to overcome stigma often faced by consumers. In addition, when there are issues of interest to the media, the staff drafts responses on behalf of the department.

Kimberly G. Boswell, Commissioner



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