The Office of Prevention manages all aspects of substance abuse prevention within ADMH to include the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), State Incentive Grant (SIG), Alabama Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (AEOW) and Tobacco Sales to Minors Program (SYNAR). Below is more information about prevention projects and resources.

Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)

In order for the Office of Prevention to effectively implement the SPF at the state and community levels, three goals are recognized for this project:


1. Prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance use, including childhood underage drinking
2. Reduce substance-related problems in Alabama communities
3. Build prevention capacity and infrastructure at the state and community levels


The SPF, which assists states in developing a strategic plan, is developed through a five-step data-driven process incorporating cultural competency and sustainability. The five steps of the SPF are:


1. Needs Assessment
2. Capacity Building
3. Strategic Planning
4. Implementation of Evidence-Based Prevention Programs
5. Monitoring and Evaluation


Epidemiological Profile
Alabama State Strategic Plan

State Prevention Advisory Board (SPAB)

The SPAB functions as an advisory board for prevention services in general, but it is also designated as the official SPF-SIG Advisory Board. The SPAB has representation from all of the state agencies that play a role in substance abuse prevention. School and community-based organizations are represented on the SPAB as well. Bringing these key stakeholders together in an advisory role has already helped to increase communication and collaboration between prevention agencies, and it is anticipated that it will continue to serve this function. The SPAB plays a large role in developing the state‘s prevention infrastructure and is the approving board of SPF-SIG operations.


SPAB Membership

Alabama’s Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (AEOW)

Since the AEOW establishment in 2006, the AEOW has focused efforts on a systematic assessment of statewide need in order to assure wise use of limited resources. In addition to monitoring alcohol, tobacco, and other drug consumption and consequence patterns in Alabama, the AEOW has made it a goal to build epidemiological capacity among state and local prevention professionals to ensure use of accurate data in planning, programming, and prioritization. Also, the AEOW which is also designated as SPF-SIG Epidemiological Workgroup provides information and data about substance abuse to the SPAB.


AEOW Membership

SPAB/AEOW Quarterly Minutes


Synar is a Federal Amendment that requires States to enact and enforce laws prohibiting the sale and distribution of tobacco products to individuals under the age of 18. Synar is a critical component of the Federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant, States not in compliance risk losing a significant portion of their grant funding. Enforcement, compliance, merchant education, and a coverage study are the four main components of Synar. The ADMH works closely with the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and prevention communities across the state to ensure the success of Synar efforts.


Synar Program Factsheet –
Past Synar reports can be found in the Documents Library


Coverage Study
The Coverage Study is designed to determine the quality and completeness of the master tobacco retailers’ list frame, which is maintained by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC Board). This list frame is used to sample tobacco retail outlets for the Synar compliance checks, which determines the retailer violation rate for the state based on unannounced inspections of a sample of tobacco retail outlets. Therefore, the coverage study, which should be conducted every three years, is needed to assess the quality of the list frame and to assess whether the results from the Synar survey are valid and unbiased.


Coverage Study 2017

Beverly Johnson, Director

Prevention Process

For the Newcomer

The Alabama Prevention Newcomer’s Guide (APNG) provides a range of information useful to prevention professionals on all levels. For those new to the prevention field, both agencies and individuals, the guide serves as an orientation tool. You will find invaluable information on agency and individual certification standards; available resources to aid prevention efforts; a wealth of online references to help gain an understanding of prevention on the state, regional and national levels; and publications introducing the basics of prevention in theory and practice.


For experienced prevention professionals and established prevention agencies, the guide serves as a useful reference manual. Contact information for other Alabama prevention providers, 310 Board catchment areas, clearinghouse coverage areas and important contacts at the state level are all included to keep you in touch with your counterparts across the state.


Newcomer's Guide

For the Prevention Provider

To assist prevention providers in the application of prevention strategies, this section contains practices and standards for prevention. Resources developed to assist providers include documents on the maintenance of prevention records, reporting of prevention services and billing of prevention strategies.


Prevention Standards
All Prevention Forms can be found in the Documents Library
Attendance Roll Log Instructions
SA Contract Billing Manual Edits Prevention Specific 2012
ASAIS Prevention Training Guide
Prevention Funding Allocation Model Strategic Plan