The Division of Developmental Disabilities Quality Enhancement (QE) specialists provide training and technical assistance to community provider organizations in various system areas as required by the Division of Developmental Disabilities. QE staff are housed in the regional community services offices and are responsible for conducting on-site visits and collecting, analyzing and monitoring agency-specific plans.

Training Areas

CQL’s 4-Day Personal Outcome Measures (POM) Training
Target audience: Case Managers, Supervisors and Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals (QDDPs)


CQL’s 1-Day POM Training
Target audience: Direct Support Staff and Human Rights Committee Members


Basic Assurances Training
Target audience: Executive Directors, Supervisors, Administrators and QDDPs


QDDP Training

  1. Online QDDP Modules (1-9) are available at
  2. Learning Methods Training


Additional technical assistance and consultation is available to community providers upon request.


Dr. Teresa McCall, Director

Region I
Patricia Bailey, Quality Enhancement


Region II
Mike Horshok, Quality Enhancement


Region III
Jean Long, Quality Enhancement


Region IV
Levin Paul, Quality Enhancement

Region V
Kim Morrissette, Quality Enhancement