I have been coming to SOMI Club for many years. I am committed to helping share the daily tasks at SOMI Club, and I do a variety of volunteer work. Some of the members have said they like my caring nature and positive outlook. My experience with mental illness has been up and down and rough. It can be hard sometimes, but I have activities to do like artwork. 

I love different kinds of art such as drawing, painting, and making jewelry because it makes me happy to bless others. It also makes me feel calm and happy. I was born with artistic talents, starting at two years old with making lines and shapes, and then improving my talents as I got older. My drawing, “Seagull Over Mobile Bay”, means peace to me because it is a peaceful bird flying over water, and the water seems to be my happy place. I get happy painting water scenes, and I get even happier giving that art to others. 

Seagull Over Mobile Bay

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Seagull Over Mobile Bay
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