Dealing with anxiety has always been hard. It does not help that we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Sometimes I have anxiety attacks when I am super stressed. Many people think they can help the attacks stop, they can not. I had to learn how to calm down and focus on breathing. When I was going through a very low point in my life, I had a huge anxiety attack. The attack lasted for an hour; I lost color in my legs because I could not breathe well. After that, I started seeing a therapist. She helped me navigate through daily events. This helped me discover what triggered my anxiety and actions. I started sleeping with a weighted blanket, and carried stress balls and fidget toys around with me.

I started to paint my emotions. I am not very good. I am better with ink sketches. I started color-coding my thoughts and emotions. Sometimes I would just paint lines and dots. Painting helps me identify my feelings. I started sketching heavily detailed people after I painted. This led to me creating ink drawings of fairies, dragons, people, and animals. I practice every day. I submitted a painting because that is what helped me the most. It is simple, unlike my ink drawings, and personally shows me how far I have come. I want everyone to know that art can help a lot. Art does not have to be good. If you go into the art process knowing you will make bad art, you can relax and just enjoy doing what you love.

Unexplainable Thoughts

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Unexplainable Thoughts
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