I am 26 years old and I have ADHD and autism. I used to have a problem with anger outbursts. I would yell and hit things. Now I use my coping skills and try to talk it out and solve problems. I often times will lay on the couch to myself calm down and relax. I like running and walking and playing games with my friends at day treatment program. I like to read, write, and do arts and crafts. I enjoy seeing other people smile, it makes me happy. I would like to go to college to be a social worker some day and help kids with problems like me. I enjoy drawing super heroes – I look up to them and want to be like them some day. My favorite characters are Batman, Superman, and X-men. I feel in love with art after drawing my dog for an art class. When I draw, I feel calm, relaxed, and happy.

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Flying Heart Rose

80 – Flying Heart Rose
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