Easier Access and Completion with Advanced Program

Montgomery, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Mental Health has launched a new electronic job application process. The new electronic application is easier to access, complete, and submit. It also allows the applicant to update and resubmit an application once submitted, resolving previous obstacles identified in the recruitment process.

ADMH Director of Human Resources, Lynn Hubbard said, “This new process promises great things for both job seekers and the Alabama Department of Mental Health. We are so pleased to implement this additional step in our strategy for workforce development, an essential pillar in providing a gateway to care for all those served by the department."

The job application process also provides efficiency and time-saving features to expedite the processing of applications once they are received. Automatic routing of applications to internal programs, storing of applicant information, applicant notifications, and data reporting processes will free up ADMH Human Resources staff to focus on the critical steps of interview and selection.

Please view the new application on the ADMH Human Resources Management page. For questions on the employment process, please email recruitment.dmh@mh.alabama.gov.

ADMH Launches New Online Job Application