The biggest obstacles I had in my life were not being able to control my anger and drug usage. Also staying out of trouble. When I was admitted into the mental facility for my mental illness, I didn't think there was anything I could learn from this place. I learned a lot. I learned to express my feelings through drawing. Drawing calms me down whenever I'm upset. I learned to want better for myself. You have to learn from your mistakes and do better for yourself. If you need help, it's okay to ask for it.

The most challenging thing in my life these last five years was not giving up. On April 19, 2019, I lost my father, my best friend, the person that I felt meant the most to me in my life was gone. That was the worst pain I ever felt, and while being in jail when I found out he was dead, I was in my jail cell alone. At that point, I felt like nothing else mattered. I began to feel as if I no longer wanted to live. Then, I immediately felt something strange in my body. I felt his love for me. I knew my father loved and cared for me more than anything else and he wouldn't want me to give up. He wanted me to be a better person and make something of my life. It's been hard, but I continue to fight to become the best person I know I can be. So, when I leave Taylor Hardin he will be proud.

How did I become an artist? I saw other people doing it. I then became interested in it. So, I began to draw for fun. Then, I started to love it because I got good at it. It became a passion for me because it allows me to express myself and my inner feelings. I taught myself to draw.

I will continue to work hard. I will never give up, and I'll never lose hope.

Hope 1

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Hope 1
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