Nurse Delegation Program

The Nurse Delegation Program (NDP) was created to ensure that community providers receive the training and support necessary to meet any standards set by the ADMH Divisional Offices of Certification that relate to nurse delegation.


The vision of the Alabama Department of Mental Health, in serving individuals with mental health needs, as well as their families and care-givers, is to provide "Access to effective care and supports essential for living, working, learning and participating fully in the community with dignity, respect and hope."


In order to live as independently as possible in the community of their choosing, many people with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses and substance use disorders require support with medication administration and health status monitoring. Based on federal and state laws, as well as regulations and rules established by the Alabama Board of Nursing, ADMH certified programs require these to be performed by licensed nurses.


With the tremendous expansion of community-based programs that have occurred in Alabama as a result of the downsizing and closures of state facilities for individuals with serious mental illnesses, the need for nursing services in communities has increased dramatically. In response to this need, the ABON has created additional rules and regulations that permit licensed nurses to delegate specific tasks to trained, non-nurse employees.