School-Based Mental Health Collaboration

The Alabama Department of Mental Health has expanded the School-Based Mental Health Services Program since its inception in 2010. The goal of the School-Based Mental Health Services (SBMH) collaboration between Alabama Department of Mental Health and its providers and the Alabama State Department of Education and Alabama’s local education agencies is to ensure that children and adolescents, both general and special education, enrolled in local school systems have access to high-quality mental health prevention, early intervention and treatment services.


The aim is to achieve greater integration of mental health services between the mental health centers and the public schools and to increase the utilization of evidence-based practices. The integration of these services will foster continuity of care and ensure sustained gains in academic and developmental domains for children, youth, and their families.


Fifteen mental health centers will receive additional funds for the expansion of SBMH services with $750,000 in FY 21. We currently have 72 school systems and all 19 community mental health centers participating in the School-Based Mental Health Collaboration Program.

Gayla Caddell, Coordinator Child & Adolescent Mental Illness Services