Individual Placement and Support

Work is the best treatment we have for serious mental illness (i.e., people with schizophrenia spectrum disorder, bipolar, or depression). Two-thirds of people with serious mental illness want to work but only 15% are employed. They see work as an essential part of recovery. Being productive is a basic human need. Working can both be a way out of poverty and prevent entry into the disability system. Competitive employment has a positive impact on self-esteem, life satisfaction, and reducing symptoms.” (Luciano, Bond, & Drake, 2014)


Individual Placement and Support is an evidence-based service model aimed to assist people with serious mental illness (SMI), to include co-occurring substance use disorders, in obtaining and maintaining competitive jobs based upon their preferences. Research demonstrates that the IPS model has a high rate of success when provided as a mental health service to individuals who express interest in joining the workforce. IPS Teams provide ongoing supports through all phases of job development and continue after employment is obtained. IPS Teams collaborate with local vocational rehabilitation offices, career centers, educational institutions, and community employers.


IPS Teams are located in three areas of our state.  Participating providers include the following:


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Denise Bern, Coordinator