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The One Year Anniversary of 988

Montgomery, Ala. – After just one year in operation, the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline in Alabama has received more than 45,000 contacts, including more than 30,000 calls; 6,000 chats; and 8,000 texts. These are not just numbers. They are real people in our state who called, sent chats or texts, seeking immediate help in a crisis, and received real-time life-saving counseling from mental health professionals.

Since July 16, 2022, 988 has served as “the new 911” for mental health crisis services in Alabama. This year commemorates its one-year anniversary. This life-saving service and Crisis Centers are part of Alabama’s Crisis System of Care, launched by Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Mental Health with strong support from the Legislature. The Alabama Crisis System of Care is a continuum of public mental health crisis services that are positively transforming our state’s crisis response.

“Every Alabamian deserves 24/7 access to public mental health care. 988 expands this vital access and serves as an entry point into Alabama’s Crisis System of Care, particularly for individuals that need someone to call, someone to respond, and somewhere to go,” said Commissioner Kimberly Boswell, Alabama Department of Mental Health.

Over the past year, 988 connected people directly to critical crisis services. While Alabama response rates continue to improve, call volume month to month has grown, demonstrating the crucial need for this service.

Calls are answered right here in the state. These centers are located in Mobile at AltaPointe Health in Mobile; in Birmingham at the JBS Craig Crisis Center and The Crisis Center Birmingham; and in Huntsville at WellStone. Carastar Health in Montgomery and SpectraCare Health in Dothan will begin operations by the end of 2023.

988 Testimonial

WellStone’s Call Center 988 staff received a call from a 19-year-old woman, assumed to be intoxicated and in distress. She stated she thought about harming herself that day. She disclosed that she often felt depressed and drank alcohol when she felt that way. She said she didn’t want to continue in the cycle of drinking. WellStone’s 988 Call Center Staff talked with her about how drinking can increase suicidal thoughts and options for substance use treatment. The staff discussed a crisis management plan to manage depression without alcohol and offered resources at a local provider. The caller left the conversation with practical next steps for recovery.

988 is a lifeline for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis, particularly those in rural communities, and provides real-time, immediate connections and assistance to individuals in crisis and their loved ones. When you call, chat, or text 988, you are connected with a mental health professional who can talk to you, offer crisis resources that may come to you, or immediately direct an individual to their closest Crisis Centers for help.

988 Testimonial

AltaPointe Health’s 988 Call Center staff’s first active suicide attempt call, was from a female client in Mobile who had attempted suicide, stating she taken an overdose of prescription medication. She did not want AltaPointe to call 911 and hung up on the 988 Call Center staff when family entered her home. The Call Center staff called 911, and first responders were able to locate and take her to an acute care ER. A day later, the client called AltaPointe Access to Care Line and was admitted to AltaPointe’s EastPointe Hospital in Daphne for treatment.

988 saves lives. Access to care saves lives. A statewide Crisis System of Care ensures every Alabamian has someone to call, someone to respond, and somewhere to go during a mental health, substance use, or suicidal crisis. Visit for more information about 988, Crisis Centers, and the Alabama Crisis System of Care.


Saving Lives Across Alabama – The One Year Anniversary of 988