Pillars Strategy

The Pillars of ADMH represent the goal of Relevancy through Relationships supported by innovative and crucial programs, grounded by a strong foundation.


School-based services, Juvenile Justice Reform, Infant Mortality Task Force


Mental Health First Aid, Crisis Intervention Training, Public Awareness and Information


Crisis Care:
Establishing crisis care with medical clearance can reduce the numbers of individuals with mental illness in prisons, jails and ERs. We are in need of centers where people can go when in crisis.


Trained peer counselors providing active support can help achieve continued recovery


An essential component of primary care is a stable home as part of recovery and continuing wellness


A major barrier to funding and prevents people from obtaining necessary care early in the disease process


Alabama has a major challenge attracting a psychiatric workforce. Without physicians, it is impossible to have an effective mental health system or to attract the other members of the care team.