Capitol Showcase Art Exhibition 2020

Since 2005, ADMH has hosted an art show at Alabama's state Capitol. Artists from around the state with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders have their abilities showcased throughout the month of May, in observance of Mental Health Month.


However, due to limitations of the virus COVID-19, this year the showcase will be online only. Unfortunately, the need for physical distancing to ensure we all stay healthy and safe, has caused the department to cancel the in-person show. Our priority is the health of the artists and attendees of the exhibition.


Typically we photograph the artwork as it arrives for the show but this year we did not ask the artists to send in their artwork. Please bear with this year's show as it consists of the snapshots sent in with their entries and the quality varies. (The artists are welcome to send in higher quality photos of their artwork via email - we will update the photos whenever they come in.) Please enjoy the artwork and stories from our artists.

Peggy Olson, Web Designer

Art Show Details

Calls for entry go out in February each year. Please send your contact information to be added to the e/mailing list. For more information and best practices for entering the show visit Capitol Showcase.


No all of the pieces are for sale. All proceeds go to the individual artists. If the piece you like has a price, please contact us to make payment arrangements (checks only). NFS = Not For Sale

47 – Rainbow
My name is Ricky and my art has helped me in my recovery. It has helped me with depression and Read more.
62 – Alex’s Dream
I have several mood disorders, the most problematic being self-harm. Wellstone in Huntsville gave me a lot of time and Read more.
53 – Pimp
LaQuinton attends Montgomery ARC McInnis’ Adult Training Center. I am passionate about my art and I find enjoyment in expressing Read more.
66 – Two Crosses
My disability is bipolar disorder and arts and crafts make me feel good. I am self-taught and enjoy the process Read more.
68 – Enchanted Wood
For many years I lived at home with my family and then I lived for a period of time in Read more.
24 – Different Strokes for Different Folks
My name is Amanda and I love to express myself through my smile. I am in a wheelchair and I Read more.
71 – Abstract
I live in my own apartment and attend the Arc of Clarke County Day Rehabilitation program, where I like being Read more.
54 – The Hebrew Children in the Fiery Furnace
"The Hebrew Children in the Fiery Furnace" Lawrence Read more.
35 – The Reflection of Life
My name is Lauren and I have schizophrenia. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia six years ago. One of my main obstacles Read more.
9 – Untitled
I deal with anxiety and depression. I am also on the autism spectrum. I am working on how to deal Read more.
23 – Night to Shine
I am Andrew and I have intellectual disabilities and I often have difficulty communicating with others. I sometimes face challenges Read more.
58 – Butterfly
My name is Devyn and I communicate nonverbally. I have an iPad talking device, but I won’t use it without Read more.
84 – Alabama Fish
"Alabama Fish" Matthew Read more.
2 – The Blue Mist
I’ve been painting for nine years, and I use acrylic paint to express and cope with my bipolar depression. My Read more.
75 – Football Goal Posts
I am a young adult with a mental illness and I struggle with symptoms from my illness. I live with Read more.
65 – Bouncing Ball
I’ve faced many obstacles, one is which is severe clinical depression. Another is dealing with schizoaffective disorder. Prayer and my Read more.
3 – The Beautiful Day
I attend a training center in Millbrook, AL. My hobbies included talking on the phone, playing x-box, exploring in the Read more.
39 – Power
My name is Willie and I drew this picture for power. I wanted to show that we have power and Read more.
30 – Untitled
My name is Patricia and I live with my mother. I enjoy helping others, my favorite activity is attending the Read more.
69 – Cute as a Button
"Cute as a Button" Lucille Read more.
42 – The Picture Boy
My name is Chasie, the obstacles I have overcome are being angry so quickly. Art makes me feel quite and Read more.
25 – Jesus is Alive and Well
I have worked very hard to manage my behavior and interact with my peers. One of the biggest challenges for Read more.
43 – Journey to Recovery
My name is Andre and I have a mental illness diagnosis of schizophrenia. It has been hereditary throughout my family for Read more.
102 – The World of Happiness
"The World of Happiness" Diamond Read more.
18 – Precious Rainbow
My name is Yunteka and I have an intellectual disability with possible autism. I am learning how to make friends Read more.
106 – Country Boy
"Country Boy" Melanie Read more.
95 – The Heart
"The Heart" Katie Read more.
104 – A Swirl of Colors
"A Swirl of Colors"  Catherine Read more.
34 – Rainbows in life
I have overcome being in controlled by a family member, and I’m now free to make my own choices. Having Read more.
1 – Celestial Angel
My mental illness began to manifest itself when I was 19 years old. I began cutting and burning myself with Read more.
45 – A House to Live in
I have schizophrenia and it was a challenge for me to get well again. I really wanted to get over Read more.
94 – Children of the Sea
"Children of the Sea" James Read more.
52 – Old Model T
Story Daniel Old Model T $30 Read more.
105 – Number One Fan
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 19 and I have struggled daily, in every area of my life. Read more.
44 – Dancing like Michael Jackson
My name is Jhmiyas, I am 25 years old, from Dadeville, Al. I drew a picture of Michael Jackson because Read more.
76 – Iris Flower with Busy Little Bee
Since grade school I have wrestled with various learning disabilities that seemed to change my teacher's perspectives of how I Read more.
107 –
My name is Annette. I have been at Cahaba Center for a long time. I love to do crafts and Read more.
82 – Yellow Cow
I have faced many obstacles in my life related to my mental illness. Since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I Read more.
109 –
I am Herbert. I work with the Van Crew at Cahaba Center. I like to enter this program and showcase Read more.
64 – Breton Hero
Life is but an obstacle. I have been given the ability to self-teach my how to do art. I love Read more.
55 – Eyes
I am on the Autistic Spectrum which can sometimes make it hard to interact with people. I am working on Read more.
57 – A Rainbow after the Dark Clouds
My name is Gregory and I attend the Montgomery ARC Adult Training Center via The Montgomery Hanan Center. I have Read more.
97 – Inspiring
I have faced many obstacles in my life such as getting divorced, having a car accident, and especially being diagnosed with Read more.
16 – Untitled
My name is Amber. I attend Vivian B. Adams School. I am quiet and reserved and enjoy the friends I Read more.
10 – Healing Heart 56854
Story missing Terry Healing Heart 56854 $1200 Read more.
110 –
I am Henry and both my brother and I attend the Cahaba Center and live at the group home. I Read more.
92 – Zoo Animals
My name is Joan and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 14 years old. I have constant ups Read more.
14 – Hands
One of the challenges I face is having an intellectual functioning disability. Despite my challenges, I love to learn new Read more.
5 – Wish You Were Here
My name is Tamara, and I’m 47 years old, I attend Azalea Training Center in Millbrook, AL. My hobbies are Read more.
86 – Heavenly Rooms
My name is Clark. I overdosed on LSD in 1991 and since then I’ve been in Mental Health Centers ever Read more.
11 – We’re All Mad Here
Story missing Sarah We're All Mad Here NFS   Read more.
101 – Evil Eye
Hello, I have schizophrenia and anxiety that sometimes throws me for a curve. To help me cope with my illness I enjoy Read more.
15 – Untitled
I’m Ernest and I live with my mom. I have a moderate intellectual disability and I’m also living with diabetes Read more.
72 – Spring Breeze
I live at a group home and attend The Arc of Clarke County day rehabilitation program where I enjoy painting, Read more.
61 – Why Does it to be People
I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia with mood swings) in 2007. When things are not going well I hear Read more.
80 – Flying Heart Rose
I am 26 years old and I have ADHD and autism. I used to have a problem with anger outbursts. Read more.
50 – Big
My name Shanga and I’m a very bright student who attends Montgomery ARC McInnis’ Adult Training Center. Due to my Read more.
33 – A Call For Help
I have been depressed most of my life. I've had trauma a few times during childhood. As an adult I Read more.
81 – Country Table
Hi my name is Willie and I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar since the age of one. I had Read more.
56 – Summer Bouquet
My name is Janie and I am a self-taught artist. If I see a picture in a book or magazine Read more.
60 – Head of a Seated Woman
I have schizophrenia and depression. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1994. I am self-taught when it comes to art Read more.
91 – True Colors
I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2003 and have been attending Riverbend ever since. I have learned coping skills, the Read more.
88 – The Owl
I have bipolar disorder and I hear voices that get worse when I am alone. When I get depressed I Read more.
27 – Untitled
My name is Ursula, and I enjoy helping my mother, dancing to my favorite beats and being with family and Read more.
93 – Yes
I have schizoaffective disorder. I come to class at Riverbend. It helps me to come to Riverbend and take my medicine. Read more.
49 – A Fruit Bowl
My name is Sharon and my picture means joy because there is fruit. Fruit symbolizes plenty and good health and Read more.
79 – Family Grill Out
I was diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I have struggled with outbursts and anger problems. I have maintained Read more.
40 – Flowers
My name is Shenise and I participate at the Center of Hope. My picture reminds me of being outside in Read more.
4 – Frosty
My name is Debbie, I’m 46 years old and I attend Azalea Training Center in Millbrook, AL. My hobbies included Read more.
36 – Rainbow Unicorn
I have bipolar disorder and ADHD, having bipolar disorder can be pretty difficult sometimes and it can be hard to Read more.
41 – Mountain Valley
My name is William. I won an art contest in third grade but didn't receive it until the fourth grade. Read more.
7 – Paradise
My name is Deatrice. I have been participating in the 1920 Club Art Program for ten years. Doing art helps Read more.
12 – Classic Art
Hi I’m Reed, and the biggest challenge I’ve faced is having autism. I am a very positive young man who Read more.
28 – Untitled
I am Jonathan and I attend Vivian B. Adams School. I have an intellectual disability. I live with friends in Read more.
98 – Happiness is a Choice
Throughout my life, I have been dealing with symptoms relating to my mental illness. Going undiagnosed for than half my life. Read more.
70 – Spring Flowers
For many years I lived with my family but now I live in my own apartment. I attend the ARC Read more.
13 – Untitled
I am Charles, I have intellectual and physical disabilities. My challenge is to not let my disabilities define who I Read more.
22 – Bubbly
My name is Kim and I have intellectual disabilities and obsessive compulsive disorder. I have difficulty with verbal communication. I Read more.
31 – USA
The first obstacle in my life was being hit by a car at the age of 13. Followed by me Read more.
19 – Stars
My name is Emmett. I am in the school-age program at Vivian B. Adams School. I have autism, but I Read more.
63 – Foxy
I have PTSD and anxiety disorder and I recently found out I have cognitive thinking disorder. I have learning disabilities Read more.
32 – The Big One
I was diagnosed with bipolar and schizoaffective disorder about 22 years ago. I lost my wife to bipolar disorder several Read more.
89 – Vase, Life, Breath
Each day I face day and night with anxiety, anger and loneliness. I try my best to be positive around Read more.
48 – Sylvia Richey, Certified Peer Specialist Portrait
I am Kevin and I’ve used art as a means to make me feel good. I was taught art in Read more.
73 – Fire & Ice
I currently live in a group home in Jackson and attend The Arc of Clarke County day rehabilitation program where Read more.
21 – The Beauty of Life
I am Alisa and I have intellectual disabilities and I’m not able to use my voice. I am learning how Read more.
100 – Follow the Lines, Catch Your Dreams
Hello, my name is Drew. My diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia and I don't like having this illness. I have been Read more.
78 – What Box is What?
I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years ago after suffering through a difficult divorce. It seems I have struggled Read more.
87 – Desperate Gummy Bears
Hi I am Tatayana and I see death and murders and sometimes I wish I could find my dead gummy bear. Read more.
90 – Pitcher
I have schizoaffective disorder and I am 49 years old. I see and hear things. I come to Riverbend to Read more.
77 – Red A
I have been diagnosed with having schizoaffective disorder. I was hurt at a young age and I’ve dealt with a Read more.
20 – Untitled
My name is Kimberly. I have worked very hard to be less dependent on others. I am working on feeding Read more.
17 – Sparkling Day
My name is Tamesha and I have an intellectual disability and physical limitations. Sometimes I have difficulty expressing myself which Read more.
37 – Rainbow
My name is Jonathan and I have paranoid schizophrenia. The obstacles I have overcome are anger and depression. My instructor Sylvia Read more.
85 – Mitski Two Slow Dancers
I have obsessive compulsive disorder. My obsession and rituals have made it very difficult to live a normal life. I have Read more.
67 – Maku Pinched Cheeks
Hello My name is Anthony and my disabilities are anxiety, major depressive order and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I’ve dealt Read more.
6 – Irises
I’m Shelby, I’m 23 years old and I attend Azalea Training Center in Mill brook, AL. My hobbies included dream Read more.
46 – Hero
I have schizophrenia and an intellectual disability which can sometimes make me feel both happy and sad. It makes me Read more.
96 – Fairy
I have lost a lot in my life because of my bipolar disorder. I have been in and out of Read more.
38 – My Garden of Flowers
My name is Kathy and I’ve gotten better with the abuse of my Dad killing my mother who was four months Read more.
103 – High Dawn
Hello, my name is Dathan and I struggle with ADHD and bipolar disorder. The majority of my life I was a Read more.
26 – Dragon
My name is Joshua and I attend Vivian B. Adams School. I have been faced with many challenges in my Read more.
99 – Beautiful Sunset
There are challenges we have to face every day, never give up on hope because there is always a tomorrow with Read more.
29 – Artifacts
My name is Jimmy and I attend Adams School. I have an intellectual disability and one of my biggest challenges Read more.
74 -Piggy Splash
I currently live with my sister in our own home where we are supported by TACC staff and advocates. I Read more.
59 – Faces in the Crowd
My name is Kendall. I have autism and communicate nonverbally. I have a few words, and can use an iPad Read more.
51 – Owl
My name is Alicia and I am 33 years old. With supports provided by the Arc of Walker County, I Read more.
8 – First Avenue Scene
Hi, my name is Ronald. I am a member of the 1920 Club in Birmingham, AL. I have studied art Read more.